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"Mom! He's looking at me!"

Create Your Own Journey Traditions

Yet another one we've all heard from the back seat or maybe even remember having said ourselves when we were traveling with our families as children. Don't wait to hear these words; create your own journey traditions. The quality of your journey is based on your creativity. Bring some of these travel items and try some of these fun travel games to help make your journey enjoyable:

Travel Items:

  1. Reading materials
  2. Snacks & beverages always help to speed up the trip, why not make a picnic and have some special family fun. Stop by Shoreline to pick-up some snacks to enjoy during your return journey home as well.
  3. Maps: Bring a map from a previous trip or someplace you dream of going to. Talk with your family about the places on this special map. Your family will enjoy talking about all of their dream destinations.
  4. Books on Tape/CDs
  5. Portable DVD/CD/Tape Player
  6. Coloring/Activity Books along with crayons and washable markers.
  7. Secret Bags: pack your children each a secret bag of items that they cannot see until your journey begins. Fill it with all of the items they love to play with and enjoy.

Games & Activities to enjoy:

  1. Trip Notebook: Purchase a spiral bound notebook and your children can use stickers and draw to capture memories of the car trip – you can embellish with your own notes. Cameras that dispense instant sticky-backed pictures will allow your children to add fun trip photos to their notebook too!
  2. Scavenger Hunt: Make your own list prior to your departure of items to spy along your route – count animals, assign everyone a color of car to look for and count how many you pass, look for certain road signs, find one item or object that begins with each letter of the alphabet – your options are endless! While at the resort make a list of the many wonderful things you see and try to find them on your way home.
  3. Name a Song: if your family enjoys songs take turns singing a tune and let everyone guess that tune.
  4. I'm Thinking Of An... Test everyone's knowledge, give clues to an object you are thinking of and have everyone yell out their guesses.
  5. Share a Tale: Begin a story, talk for about 1-2 minutes and then stop and pass the story onto the next person to pick up where you left off.