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Find your Best Brew at the Craft Beer Fest

Beer, food, and vacations, that’s what Wisconsin is all about, especially towards the end of summer. While the leaves begin to fall and the vibrant warms shades replace the stunning greenery, you’ll find those three fabulous items at Blue Harbor this September. Your ultimate Sheboygan Wi hotels getaway weekend will be jam-packed with brews and food; your taste buds will sure love you for this vacation.

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August 14, 2017  |   Share:

Tee-off Near Lake Michigan

It’s time to tee-off at a golf course near Lake Michigan, and there are plenty of courses to choose when staying at Blue Harbor Resort this summer season. As the golf season has been well underway in Sheboygan, there is no better time than now to spend a little me time on the green. With plenty of course options and styles of green to pick from, we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for at any of the local Sheboygan golf courses.

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July 21, 2017  |   Share:

Wine and Dine Sheboygan Style

When planning a vacation getaway to Blue Harbor Resort and Sheboygan, Wisconsin you’ll want to make sure you have your dining situation figured out. While there are plenty of options for pubs, grills, and bars, you’ll want to check out the fancier side of our Sheboygan restaurants. The fine dining atmosphere throughout this beautiful lakeside town is perfect for anyone looking at spending a night eating fabulous gourmet food and sipping on delicious libations.

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July 21, 2017  |   Share:

Top 3 Favorite Summer Foods to eat at Sheboygan Restaurants

When traveling during your summer vacation, you’ll want to make sure to fuel up on excellent eats. The warmer seasons bring a bunch of fun flavors and spices that aren’t typically used throughout the year. Here in Wisconsin, especially near Lake Michigan and Blue Harbor Resort, there are plenty of Sheboygan restaurants where you can let your taste buds soar with sweet and salty treats, delicious grilled meats, and fun flavor options. We compiled a few locations and yummy summer food choices for you to try.

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June 16, 2017  |   Share:

Your Dream Venue along the Shores of Lake Michigan

Discover your perfect shade of BLUE

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June 8, 2017  |   Share: