Snow Much Fun can be had at Sheboygan Hotels

Snow Much Fun can be had at Sheboygan Hotels

Winter Activities are better at the Blue

Sheboygan, Wisconsin is smack-dab in the middle of a polar vortex! With lots of snow on the ground, we’re sure you’ll have a blast here at Blue Harbor Resort & Spa. There are tons of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy this season, as we know that winter is always better at the Blue.

It’s time to bundle up and head outside for some snow fun! It get’s cold in Wisconsin, there is no doubt about that. With temperatures hovering around freezing and sometimes colder. You’ll want to make sure you pack lots of layers on your trip to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. We’re nestled right on Lake Michigan, and we’re lucky enough to have some lake effect weather, which can be good. Because of our weather, outdoor activities help us get through those dreary winter days.

Flurries of Fun!

Downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing are popular activities during the day. About an hours drive will put you at either Sunburst Winter Sports Park or Little Switzerland, where winter fun can be had by all. They’re great options for families and kids of all ages. If you’re looking for even more fun, hit the trails throughout Sheboygan. You can cross-country ski on nicely, groomed trails, or you can try your hand at snowshoeing in Ellwood H. May Environmental Park or the Kohler-Andrae Park.

Lesser known winter activities include Skijoring and dog sledding. Dog sledding is a great opportunity to learn how to mush like the masters. A quick 40 minute drive will bring you right to The Siberian Outpost, where you can learn all the tricks and trades of Dog Sledding. It’s a unique winter experience for any animal lover or those wanting to see this ancient way of transportation. Skijoring is a mix of cross-country skiing and dog sledding. This Nordic skiing technique uses dogs for faster transportation while also having the look and feel of skiing. If you’re in the mood for trying out Skijoring, you’ll want to find dog-friendly parks that have multi-use trails.

No matter what you choose to do this winter season, we’re sure you’ll have a blast! Hit the slopes or trails for wintertime fun in the snow. Then come back to warm up in your own suite. Spend your days outside this winter season when you visit Blue Harbor Resort & Spa. With lots to do here, you won’t want your frosty vacation to end!

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