Picture Perfect Winter near Lake Michigan

Picture Perfect Winter near Lake Michigan

Blue Harbor Resort is a great destination for a winter vacation. Nestled on the banks of Lake Michigan our resort offers wintertime fun for all. Bring your camera to capture life’s little moments here at the Blue. As a picture, perfect winter is always better at the Blue.

Bring your camera with during your trip. You’ll be able to document some of the beautiful moments you experience.

What You’ll Need:

  • Any Camera
  • Find your landscape or subject

It doesn’t matter what type of camera you choose! Just grab on and get to take some amazing photos. Whether it’s a Polaroid, film, digital, or even an iPhone, you won’t want to miss out on capturing something special. Don’t forget your lenses! Many professional cameras offer fantastic lenses that can bring your photos to life.

A great photography tip is that many people assume sunshine is good for their photos. In reality, cloudy, overcast days create the best photos. Winter days can bring lots of gray skies – so it can be a win, win in the cold season.

Have you taken that picture perfect photo, but you’re still unsure how to make it stand out on social media? No need to worry, Blue Harbor is here to help! After you take a photo, try using an editing app. These types of apps help to adjust exposure, highlights, and shadows of your photo. When using apps like Instagram (@blueharborresort), you can play around with fun filters and different settings.  Once you’ve found the ideal settings, upload it and let the world see your work.

Find the picture-perfect landscape or subject. During the wintertime, Lake Michigan becomes a beautiful winter wonderland. It’s a great time to get outside and snap photos of the snow or each other. Whether you’re out in the snow, staying warm by the fire, or enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, your pictures will capture an unforgettable winter getaway.

However, you choose to photograph your vacation, make sure your Blue Harbor stay is one you won’t forget. Keep your winter memories safe in the photographs you take. No matter what activities you choose to do while staying with us, we know you’ll have a blast! We look forward to seeing all your wonderful winter photographs this season.

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