Finding the Best Brew in Sheboygan WI

Finding the Best Brew in Sheboygan, WI

Did you know that the Badger State has more than just cheese? It’s also known for a large amount breweries and distilleries. With the “beer capital of the world,” situated in Milwaukee, there is sure to be no shortage of hops, when St. Patrick’s Day comes around. Whether you go on a trip with friends or bring your loved one to Blue Harbor Resort, we’ll help you find the best brews in Sheboygan, during your weekend getaway in Wisconsin.

The Beacon & On the Rocks

The Beacon restaurant is the perfect place to find your favorite drink. Whether you’re looking for a classic cocktail, a nice glass of wine, or a delicious Wisconsin craft brew, you’ll enjoy the drinks as much as the food! Our in-house selection of seasonal taps is also available to try. If it’s your first to trip to Wisconsin, we highly recommend New Glarus Spotted Cow. Named after the spotted cow’s found throughout Wisconsin’s farmland, this fun and fruity beer will sure satisfy your taste buds.

3 Sheep Brewery

If you’re on the hunt for even more brews in Sheboygan, check out 3 Sheep Brewery. Not only does Blue Harbor partner with the fantastic brewery for our annual Beer Fest, but their drinks and tap room are worth checking out. Known for their interesting mix of ingredients and funky names, their craft beer is designed for you to finish the entire pint, not just a few sips. Plus, with a relatively new taproom which opened in April of 2016, you’ll want to stop by and take a tour.

8th Street Ale Haus

Looking for some pub grub and the perfect pint? Head to 8th Street Ale Haus for yummy food, which can be matched with over 31 drafts and 70 different bottled beers. Known for their large amount of local and worldwide beer you won’t go wrong trying out this Sheboygan favorite. Japan, France, Sweden, Scotland… the list of worldwide beers goes on and we’re sure that 8th Street will have something for every taste bud.

No matter where you choose to enjoy a brew this St. Patty’s Day, we know that you’ll find a pot of gold when you stay with us at Blue Harbor Resort. Grab your closest friends and set out on a weekend getaway in Wisconsin worthy of finding the end of the rainbow. Just make sure to wear green as you search for your favorite brew this spring season.

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