Get More out of your Wisconsin Hotel Stay

Get More out of your Wisconsin Hotel Stay

Vacationing can sometimes feel like a daunting task, you have to pack, learn about where you’re going and more, but when you take a trip to Blue Harbor, everything is localized right there on the property for you to enjoy. There are plenty of ways to get the most out of your hotel in Sheboygan WI, keep reading to discover out how to improve your getaway and how to retain your happiness level during your trip!

Make a Plan

Planning is one of the best ways to get more out of your journey, as you start to get excited to do all the fun and amazing things that our resort offers. When planning you’ll want to know how to get around while vacationing along the coast of Lake Michigan. Whether you fly or drive to our resort, there are quite a few ways you can experience the area. Rent bikes and go for a calming jaunt around Sheboygan to see the local landscapes or head up the coast for a relaxed drive. If you don’t have a car, there are amazing walking paths that will get you down the beach and back again. And if you get too tired from walking, head to our spa for a gentle foot massage!

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Try New Things

With lots of activities, you’ll want to try new things to do while on vacation. Our prime location being right next to Lake Michigan makes it so that indoor and outdoor activities are abundant. You’ll find lots of activities you and your family will love, plus with everything from a fun Kid’s Club to golfing on some spectacular greens, and a relaxing spa to our excellent indoor water park or you might find that teen activities are for you. Our fabulous restaurants offering the best food in Sheboygan, to our pier fun zone with arcade games and mini-golf, or our outstanding lakeside adventures to our fitness center. We promise you won’t run out of things to try!

End on a High Note

If might sound odd, but planning your big adventures for the last day is sure to make your memories worthwhile. If you plan a big fancy dinner at The Beacon, save it for the last few days of your trip, especially if you want to try other dining options first. You’ll find that some of your favorite moments will be ten times better when you put them at the end of your trip! Your enthusiasm will build knowing that you can enjoy a tasty meal with family and friends or better yet, experience how wonderful your vacation was with the people that mean most to you.

Post Trip

Your post trip memories are going to get more out of your vacation. Take as many photos or embark on new experiences that will last a lifetime. Photographing your vacation is important because you’ll get to enjoy the hard copy for the rest of your life. We recommend that you create a scrapbook or a shadow box of pictures to hang in your office. Once returning home from your fantastic Blue Harbor getaway you’ll want to keep the energy going. Make a post or email about your trip which highlights your favorite things. You can also keep a journal with you while traveling where you can jot down what happened, so you are able to relive the memories anytime you want.

Whatever you decided to do while staying at our hotel in Sheboygan WI, we know that your memories and experiences will last a lifetime. Plan your trip, try something new, end the trip on a fantastic note, and celebrate your vacation even after returning home. Book your vacation today and start dreaming of your lakeside getaway!

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