Find your Best Brew at the Craft Beer Fest

Beer, food, and vacations, that’s what Wisconsin is all about, especially towards the end of summer. While the leaves begin to fall and the vibrant warms shades replace the stunning greenery, you’ll find those three fabulous items at Blue Harbor this September. Your ultimate Sheboygan Wi hotels getaway weekend will be jam-packed with brews and food; your taste buds will sure love you for this vacation.

Where and When

Celebrating its fourth consecutive year, the Blue Harbor is once again hosting, the Craft Beer Festival. From September 22-23rd, you’ll get access to fantastic craft beer options. Held along the stunning shores of Lake Michigan, what better backdrop could you imagine for a fall festival. Nothing comes to mind right? That’s because you’re already going to be in the best location for the perfect libation.

You’ll get to enjoy sampling some of the best beers and ciders in our region. The main event includes the grand tasting where you’ll get to sample of 100 craft beers from 30 plus breweries. You can also purchase a VIP pass to the day’s events which grants your early access to try some limited varieties, as well as culinary pairings.

Caption: Photo by Taryn Williford

What to Bring

To help you get through your festival, you might want to try making your own pretzel necklace! These tasty accessories will help you wash down the beer while also cleaning your palate for the next sip. How does one make a pretzel necklace? What you’ll need is some twine, scissors or knife, and your favorite pretzels. You can pick up a roll of twine at any local craft store and your favorite pretzels at a local grocery store or gas station. Use either a pair of scissors or a pocket knife to cut a piece a long piece of twine, and start adding your pretzels onto the string. Once it’s 3/4 full of the way full, you’ll want to tie it in a knot around your neck and there – your own pretzel necklace, perfect for a day at a beer fest!

Plus, who doesn’t love a good snack to munch on while experiencing over 100 different types of beer! As to what else you’ll want to have at this event, make sure you have a designated driver! Especially if you’re planning on going anywhere after, you’ll want someone to drive you to your next location. We offer designated driver tickets which are free for those abstaining from drinking.

Don’t forget to enjoy the musical entertainment of the Honey Goats while vacationing and sipping on brews and ciders. However, you choose to spend your fall weekends, make sure you book your stay at Blue Harbor, one the best Sheboygan WI hotels, during the Craft Beer Festival!

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