sheboygan wisconsin

Winter has seemed to dump a lot of white fluffy snow on the Midwest and Sheboygan is no exception to this matter. When you visit Sheboygan Wisconsin you’re going to want to bring your camera with to capture the magnificent beauty that surrounds our stunning Blue Harbor Resort.

Photo Opportunities in Sheboygan

The Riverfront marks one of the best places for photo opportunities with your loved one. You’ll enjoy walking the Riverfront with your family and friends while snapping some cute photos. The North Pier in the wintertime offers ideal winter photography shots for you to view through the lens. Another excellent place to go in the winter is the Sheboygan Breakwater Lighthouse. Finally, the best location for photos is right here at Blue Harbor Resort where you can capture lots of memories when you snap pictures of all the activities on site!  

Lake Michigan in the Winter

One of the prettiest and most accessible places to capture Sheboygan Wisconsin’s beauty is with Lake Michigan. The lake brings what’s known as the lake-effect which you’ll find creates different temperatures near the coast and the open water. This kind of weather pattern can often produce some unusual ice formations on the coastline. Making this large body of water becomes a fantastic place to take a photo or two of you, your family, friends, and of the landscape. Just don’t forget, you’ll want to bundle up when you head down to the shore, take your fabulous photographs!  

Sheboygan Wisconsin

No matter if you bring a professional camera, use your phone camera, or choose not to take any photographs, we know your stay at Blue Harbor Resort will be a memorable one! Whether you produce funny family photos, share your adventure photographs online, or you’re ready to capture the most spectacular sunrise, we’ve got everything here to make the most out of your winter getaway to Sheboygan Wisconsin!