Spring Break Is Better at the BLUE

This time of the year many families and students start to pack their vacation bags as Spring Break rolls around. If you still haven’t booked your trip, head down to Sheboygan WI, for a fantastic time at Blue Harbor Resort. We have everything you need for a fun spring retreat, whether you bring the whole family, a group of friends, or even your significant other because spring break is always better at the Blue.

Lots of people decide to go on a spring vacation between March through April as many schools offer Spring Break to their students. This brings a relaxing time for everyone and a much-needed break before summer begins. Here in Sheboygan WI, you’ll have all the fun and relaxation, hit the golf course, spend time at the waterpark, or enjoy a trip to the spa.

Experience the Green

There are quite a few golf courses throughout our beautiful town. Depending on the weather, some of these courses may open earlier than expected. Which means it wouldn’t hurt to bring your clubs along, just in case you can get on the green. If you know you’d like to spend a few hours golfing, let us know, and we can set up a tee time for you to enjoy your day.

Enjoy the Tropics

Also depending on the weather, head to our waterpark for an exciting day in a tropical paradise. We offer over 50,000 square feet of fun, just don’t forget your swimsuit! Even though you might not be going on vacation to a tropical island or Central America, for the warmth of an all-inclusive resort, you can get just about all of that here at the Blue. Breaker Bay Waterpark is always a toasty 84 degrees and perfect for all ages this spring season. You’ll enjoy getting a taste of summer when you spend your days splashing around our waterpark this spring season.

Take a Break

If you desire even more relaxation, our Reflections Spa is the right choice to make. Our skilled staff will help you create a peaceful day for you to enjoy. Tranquility is essential here, and we’ll make sure you leave our spa relaxed and feeling rejuvenated. Enjoy our signature massage for a customized experience that fits your body’s needs.

Sheboygan WI

However, you choose to spend your Spring Break, make sure it’s at Blue Harbor Resort. We’re situated right on Lake Michigan and know that you’ll love all that the lake and our area can do for you this springtime. Whether you choose to play on the green, soak up the tropics of our waterpark or relax at the spa or head out on a Sheboygan adventure, let your spring vacation blossom this year. Book your stay with us at 866-701-BLUE (2583) or make your reservation online. See you soon at the Blue!