Rules & Recommendations

You’ll have the most fun by staying safe at our Breaker Bay Waterpark, so familiarize yourself with these rules and recommendations.

Have a ball and play it safe. Read all signs and listen to lifeguard instructions. Our expert lifeguards are recognized as being in the top 5 percent in the nation, so heed their advice and have a great time.

Measure up. Riders must be 42″ tall to ride the tube slides alone. Riders under 42″ tall may ride with a responsible adult on a double tube.

Riders must be at least 42” to ride the body slides. Double riding, life jackets and footwear are not permitted on this ride.

Follow the Dos and Don’ts. Do wear your wristbands on a wrist at all times. Don’t bring toys into Breaker Bay or the outdoor pool. Don’t run: It’s prohibited in the waterpark.

Leave the food, beverages and cigarettes behind. State law prohibits the use of glass, coolers, or any carry-in food in the waterpark or outdoor pool areas. And our indoor and outdoor pool areas are smoke-free environments.

Keep your crew close. Know where to meet your group at all times. Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult 21 or over. We require a minimum of one adult chaperone for every five children.

Stay hydrated. The waterpark is 84 degrees year-round, so drink plenty of water.

Shower after playing. Our facilities are conveniently located for you to rinse off.

Don’t spread the germs. Please refrain from using the waterpark if you are feverish or have flu-like symptoms.

Bundle up. Swim diapers are available for purchase throughout the waterpark.

Stay cool. Limit hot tub use to 15 minutes.

Remember that if you’re a Blue Harbor Resort guest, check-in begins at 4 p.m. but you are welcome to arrive as early as 1 p.m. to play in the waterpark on your day of arrival. For your convenience, you may leave your luggage in your vehicle and carry in a small bag containing your waterpark necessities. Locker facilities are available for a nominal fee, but space is limited.

A $25 fee will be charged per person if you would like to receive your waterpark passes before 1 p.m. on the day of arrival.

Checkout is 11 a.m. on the day of your departure, but once again you are welcome to stay and play until 4 p.m. at our adventurous water park near Milwaukee.

Waterpark FAQ

For your maximum safety and enjoyment while visiting our waterpark, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

Please obey the lifeguards at all times. They are staffed so that you may experience our rides to the utmost enjoyment while remaining safe.

For your safety, the facility routinely conducts drills and Vigilance Awareness Training. For further information, see a waterpark manager.

General Rules That Apply Throughout the Waterpark:

  • No dunking, no shoulder riding, or rough play
  • No running
  • No diving or jumping into pools
  • No double riding or chains
  • Wristbands must be worn
  • Towels must stay in the waterpark
  • Swim diapers must be worn by children age four and under
  • Blue Harbor Resort requires that guests wear appropriate swim attire. Cut-off jeans, see-through suits and thong suits are not permitted.
  • No outside food/beverage allowed
  • Only coast guard approved life jackets

Activity Pool

  • No shaking, twisting of, or standing on floatables.

Lily Hopper

  • The lily pads are a one-way activity and only one guest at a time per Lily pad
  • Children under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
  • No climbing on ropes
  • Guest must exit water area immediately after falling off pads (they can not get back on or swim in this area)

Body Slides

  • One rider on slide at a time
  • Children must be at least 42” to ride the body slides
  • Guests must ride feet first with arms across chest and exit splash pool quickly to the sides
  • No life jackets are permitted on this ride
  • Guests are not allowed to sit at the end of the slide

Tube Slides

  • Children under 42’’ must be accompanied by an adult
  • Correct riding position requires guests to sit in the hole with feet on top of the tube
  • Single tube, one rider only. Double tube, no more than two riders
  • Guests must exit splash pool quickly; Steps for exit only (entering/sitting not allowed)
  • Life jackets are permitted on this ride

Hot Tubs

  • No jumping/diving, climbing on rocks
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the hot tub
  • NO rough play


  • Towel cards are handed out at check-in for resort guests. Each guest will receive 1 towel card. Your towel card can be redeemed for 1 towel at a time and exchanged as many times as you would like during your stay.
  • Outside guests can purchase a towel card for $3 per person. Outside guests are recommended to bring their own towels to avoid additional fees.

Ellis & Associates Certified Lifeguards

In an ongoing effort to ensure guest safety and satisfaction, Blue Harbor Resort has partnered with Jeff Ellis & Associates (E&A), a private, outside consulting firm specializing in aquatic risk management. To keep our standards and practices at the highest levels possible, Blue Harbor will typically do a number of drills and skills tests during hours of operation. In addition to this, Ellis & Associates will perform four unannounced operational audits per year at each facility, testing them in areas of professionalism, diligence in scanning techniques and rescue skills, as well as their ability to manage an aquatic emergency. If you have any questions regarding our Risk Management Program, please feel free to contact an aquatic manager.